How to order

1. Contact us when you have questions.

Please fill out the “Contact form“. Tell us what you would like to order, its size, your budget, and your desired delivery date. If you would like to visit our workshop directly for a consultation, please let us know when you would like to come.

2. Consultation

We will answer you by e-mail. We will conduct the consultation either (1) by our visiting your home/store or (2) by your coming to our workshop, or (3) by contacting remotely via Zoom or other means. If you are planning to build or renovate your home or store, it will be helpful to have architectural drawings and photos of the site. In the case of renovation, please contact us well in advance. This is because wrought iron production requires a number of days, and the groundwork for installation is quite important.


Having heard your requests, we will sketch your idea and prepare a quote (we will inform you of the delivery date and approximate price). If you agree with the estimate, we will discuss further details and design. If necessary, we will also make a prototype of the details.

4. Order confirmation

When you are satisfied with the design and the quote, your order will be confirmed. Depending on the cost of the job, we may draw up a contract and ask you to pay half of the total amount in advance.

5. Production

After the order is confirmed, we will begin production. We will proceed with production based on the design drawing. In the process of production if we come up with better ideas for balance, detailed design, etc., we will consult with you.

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At 41 Forge, we want to share with our customers the joy of handcrafting and the true pleasure of wrought iron. From the perspective of “creating products that will be cherished for a long time,” we particularly value the “wrought iron experience” where customers visit our workshop and participate in part of the production process. The experience of striking hot iron is something you cannot experience anywhere else. We hope you will take this opportunity to try it for yourself.


6. Delivery and installation

If it is in Japan, we will install the finished product on site. When there is no need for installation, we will ship the product to you. We can ship internationally. If you wish to install a nameplate and other accessories by yourself, we will be happy to advise you.

Approximate prices

  • Original numbers such as street addresses: starting at 5,000 yen per number.
  • Lettering of nameplates: starting at 50,000 yen per one nameplate (prices vary depending on Roman, Hiragana, and Chinese characters “Kanji”).
    (We could ‘translate’ English names into Japanese characters, Hiragana or Kanji.)
  • *Shipping, zinc plating, installation, miscellaneous expenses, consumption tax (10%), etc. will be charged separately.
  • *The experience of iron forging will be charged separately.

If you have questions or wish to contact us, please use the form below.