– What is Wrought Iron? –

Beauty is Born out of Fire

Iron has long been an indispensable metal in people’s lives. It has unique qualities: by nature, it is hard and strong but can be processed into a variety of shapes to serve different purposes.


Forged iron is a technique in which solid iron is first heated in a furnace. The softened iron is then struck with a hammer, stretched, and bent repeatedly to form a shape. Iron works that are produced this way have been used in Europe in the fields of architecture, sculpture, and crafts. In European cities you see forged iron gates, fences, signboards, railings and so on.

The product created is one-of-a-kind.

There is another technique that is called “cast iron”, where melted iron is poured into molds. This technique is suited to making such industrial products as pots and pans in great quantities.

“Wrought iron”, on the other hand, is when unique pieces are made by an artist from a solid iron bar or plate.


The color of iron is black but gradually turns red, orange, yellow, and finally white before it melts at a high temperature. Observing the color of the iron, an artist repeats the process of hammer-marking until satisfied with the effect.
It is essential for a wrought iron artist to have good control of the fire. The product created is one-of-a-kind.

The Blacksmith’s Workshop

A wrought iron artist is essentially a “blacksmith”. In the West “black” signifies iron and “smith” signifies a craftsman. (A ‘goldsmith’ is called goldsmith and a ‘silversmith’ silversmith, depending on the color of the material he deals in.)

“41 FORGE” is a blacksmith’s workshop, or “Blacksmith Shop”.